Hello fellow Hashers


This is the Nuremberg chapter of the Hash House Harriers.

The group is not that new anymore, but many things are still in progress or not existing yet. Please be patient.

What is this Hashing?
For a detailed explanation check Wikipedia or just use a search engine of your choice. Here in Nuremberg our main goal is to have a nice time together running somewhere in or around Nuremberg and have a delicious franconian beer afterwards.
Trails are about 5-8 km and should start/end near to public transportation. Length and difficulty is subject to the hare.
At the moment we run irregulary but mostly once a month. We try to have a run biweekly in the future but it takes some time to get there. The date for the following run will be announced here on this page, in the Meetup group and on the Facebook page and group.

The run is probably on a weekend in the afternoon so visitors from other kennels like Munich, Stuttgart or Frankfurt have a chance to join.