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Number: NH3 Run #36

Greetings halfminds.

Sausage Head will lay another beautiful trail for you. This time it is a bit at the outskirts of Nuremberg but it will be glorious. Alone the start is beneath a f***ing BRIDGE FULL OF WATER. It is underneath the Main-Donau-Kanal-Brücke (Main-Donau-canal-bridge).

Be aware that it takes a bit of time to get there since you have to take a bus ride after the subway, so take a beer with you on the road.

Please follow the current Corona regulations and maintain social distancing to help keep everybody safe.

Please bring:

– own mug/drinking vessel (if you do not like to drink from a bottle)

– exactly 5 Euro

– mask

Keep safe distancing (at least 1.5m).

Do not attend if you feel unwell, are in quarantine or have been in a hot spot area.

There will be a bag car so you can arrive by public transport and have a beer.

Hare: Sausage Head
Date: 23.10.2021
Time: 14:00 / 2 p.m.
Venue: Underneath the Main-Donau-Kanal-Brücke next to the Flexdorf bus stop.
How to get there: To get there is a bit tricky so I suggest you use your favourite piece of technology and follow it’s directions. However, there are two main ways according to the maps ervice I used.

First. From Nuremberg main station take the subway U1 to Fürth Hardhöhe. Exit at Rathaus and take bus 173 to Atzendorf. Exit at Flexdorf and walk 69(!) meters under the bridge.

Second. From Nuremberg main station take the subway U1 to Fürth Hardhöhe. Exit at Klinikum  and take bus 171 or 175 to Vach Nord. Exit at Vacher Brücke and walk 500 meters.

Google Maps:
Next Run
Number: NH3 Run #37 – Halloween Costume Run
Hare: KumaYuda
Date: 31.10.2021
Time: TBD
Venue: TBD
How to get there: TBD
Google Maps: TBD

Tell all your friends and bring them.